Saturday, October 14, 2006


Kids are kids the world over and sometimes we need to teach them things that are not in the lesson book. This week I did that twice. One time it started as a discussion about tattleing and ended up talking about rules. During the "lesson" I brought up the "WWJD" thing to encourage the kids to think through things before they did them. Would Jesus do _____? Later in the day I heard John C. say to Jack "Remember; What would Jesus do?....Can you borrow me a piece of paper?" Then Jamie told me at the end of the day that John K. did the same to him.

(The kids confuse "lend" and "borrow" all the time.)


Becca said...

Whoa... I haven't heard "Can you borrow me a ____?" since I left Japan!

YFM said...

investing eternally in lives - it doesn't get any better!