Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now I need some advice!

Does anybody know of a good book on the issue of abortion that's a reasonably easy read? (I.e., I could read it and write a good essay about the issue within about a week's time?)

Something that discusses how abortion relates to or affects American culture might be good.


Monica said...

Does it have to be a book? Because there are some great resources on line that talk about abortion and culture.

Becca said...

Last week I heard Erika Bachiochi give a talk on the topic. She is the editor of The Cost of "Choice": Women
Evaluate the Impact of Abortion
(also available on Amazon). If her insights are representative of the book, it will be well worth the read.

mel said...

Yeah, unfortunately, it's supposed to be a book.

I'll have to look for that one, Becca. Thanks!