Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Every lecture should have a llama

Professor: [After drawing our attention to a headline article in the Wall Street Journal two years ago about how it was trendy to buy live llamas as lawn decorations] I digress. Should this client incorporate as a not-for-profit?


mel said...

Yeah for llamas! :)

I still have my "llama" from band tour. Every grad student should have one.

Becca said...

My "llama" is guarding my closet. He's a good pal. Yesterday he got a good sniffing from Cricket the dog.

mel said...

Aw, so Cricket and Rusty are friends? :)

I guess my "llama" ("Osama Llama") is sort of guarding my closet--I clipped a skirt hanger to the wooden part and hung that from the mirror on the closet door. Who knew there was such a thing as a guard llama?

Becca said...

Does that make us trendy? Or so two years ago?