Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Plan

A few nights ago I got a call from a student. John was telling me that Matthew had been at his house to play and accidentally took John's bag and left his own. So told him he could turn his work in the day after, instead of the next day when it was due.

"Is that a plan?" I asked.

"No." John said

Oooookayyyy....expained again, same question, same answer. Try again...same thing. Finally I asked him what he thought was a good plan.

"No, no Miss Straub. It was not a plan. It was an accident. Matthew not mean to take my bag with him. He have the same bag as me."

Ah language barriers...I did explain to him what I meant about "Is that a plan."

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YFM said...

What an interesting blog - children in Korea studying in a language foriegn to them
Law Professor antics....
the contrasts (and similarities) are fascinating!