Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bungee jumping!

Professor: "Whenever I think of exculpatory clauses, I think of bungee jumping. ... If the rope snaps and you go 'splat,' is that ordinary negligence or gross negligence?"


Becca said...

Nasty. Did you get to talk about Learned Hand and Palsgraff in your class?

Monica said...

Chris and I made a pact. If we ever do anything that has a reasonable chance of ending in death, we're doing it together so that neither one of us has to peel the other one off the pavement. Tandem bungee jumping for us!

mel said...

Learned Hand and Palsgraff? Not that I remember... Of course, I could have been blogging then. :)

Nice plan, Monica. Although I think that if/when I get married, I'll just not allow my husband to participate in such risky activities. :)