Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comparison/Contrast Essays

My kids are learning how to write essays this week in English. As they usually do they start with a Comparison/Contrast Essay. I had them write two paragraphs; one comparing one contrasting. They had to have six sentences each. They could choose any subject.

This is John Choi’s essay in all its glory, save the messy handwriting. If anyone can tell me what he’s talking about I’d appreciate it…

1. A pirras and chickens alike in several ways
2. Bath a pirras and a chickens are around and most have a small hole in the middle.
3. Bath a pirras and a chickens are about three or four inches in diameter and about an inch thick.
4. pirras and chickens are also similar in popularity
5. many people bay pirras or chickens for a special lunch.
6. Bath pirras shops and doughnut shops are popular places for families and friends to enjoy together.
7. pirras are baked in the oven but chickens are fired.
8. Although they look alike pirras and chickens are different in many ways.
9. Pirras have cherry insider while chickens are coarse inside like a fired food
10. many people slice their pirras and eat them as meet with cheese with them.
11. I usually have cereal for breakfast
12. however most people like to eat their chicken with nothing on them

just discovered something - John copied the essay from the example in the book but changed only the subjects. He gets a 0% and has to rewrite it for Monday. It's still amusing though.


mel said...

I like Sentence #11.

Do they eat parrots in Korea?

Joanna said...

no idea...don't think so

Becca said...

I like the random doughnut shop reference. Is it a chicken doughnut?

Becca said...

If that's the example in the book, you definitely need new books.

Becca said...

I like sentence 12, too. Does that mean they prefer to eat chicken naked?

mel said...

Copied the example, eh? That would explain a lot. Like the "small hole in the middle" in sentence 2 and the random "cereal for breakfast" reference in 11.